– How to Find A Job With Universal Jobmatch At Directgov

by Kayden on October 18, 2013

Jobseekers is one of the leading sites in the United Kingdom that are assisting people in getting rid of their unemployment issues. For many years, this site has been a source of the search of the appropriate jobs. People can register with this website in order to get an appropriate job that best matches with their skills and other capabilities. It provides a platform to the job seekers and the job providers to come to the same point and exchange their needs. It provides people with a chance to switch from availing the benefits to the earning of their own; hence it increases their social status. In addition, this website acknowledges people with rights that they can have from the state while they look for a job. It also offers people to look for the jobs in the Ireland. However, people can get registered with this website as well in order to submit their resumes, and to look for the jobs that they are interested in. In order to get registered with the Jobseekers, people are required to follow below mentioned sequenced steps.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “register with Universal Jobmatch”.
  3. Give your first name and last name.
  4. Provide your email address and confirm your email address again.
  5. Choose a password that must contain at least one letter, one number and minimum of 8 characters.
  6. Retype your password.
  7. Note down your government gateway number indicated on the screen.
  8. Verify your email address for the confirmation of the account and to get it done.
  9. Provide the further details for the personal information and qualification etc. and press submit.

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